The Horned Hold

After a couple of wrong turns and circling back to the Seven-Pillared Hall to get his bearings, Terrlen seemed like he was finally on the right track to the Horned Hold. A couple miles out from the Hall though, something went seriously wrong.

“Brarglrarglblarg! Arooooooooo!”

Terrlen suddenly lost control and shifted into a ridiculously incompetent werewolf, and the party knocked him out in about 10 seconds. When we came to, he seemed confused and had no idea of what had just occurred. Some forceful interrogation from Awendella (and thinly veiled threats from Emlyn) made him realize that this had been happening for a while ever since he had led a couple of Teiflings to the Halls of Silence elsewhere in the labyrinth. He begged the party help him remove this curse, but at this point Borris and Dakkon weren’t even listening. This narrator has little hope for the poor man.

The party continued on their way with Terrlen still in the lead (he wasn’t much of threat, obviously). They soon came to a vast chasm, and the path continued along side it.

“According to the directions that theurge gave you, it’s just around this bend. What are you guys going to say to the duergar anyway? They don’t seem like the diplomatic type.” Terrlen asked.

At this, Emlyn pulled an arrow from her seemingly empty quiver, Darkguard loosed the straps on his morning star, Awendella drew her sword, and the plates of Dakkon’s metal face shifted to resemble an evil grin. Seeing this, Aderes sighed. Borris was taking a leak.

“Oh.” Was all Terrlen had time to mutter before they turned the corner.

The Horned Hold! Definitely the ancient home of a vicious minotaur clan, everything about the underground castle seemed a bit too large for an average humanoid. Three monolithic towers rose almost to the ceiling of the cavern, and two precarious-looking stone bridges connected the Towers across the chasm. As they approached the first tower, they saw two orcs standing on guard behind a huge iron portcullis, with many more orcs occupying the guard room behind them.

The sight of the orcs, sons of Corellon’s ancient enemy Gruumsh, drove Awendella into a righteous rage. Before anyone else could act, she screamed her Lord’s name and rushed the closed portcullis.



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