Back to the Seven-Pillared Hall

The party surprised the drunken bloodreavers and forced a surrender. Thinking of taking some slaves of their own, they strung up the slavers and took them back to the Seven-Pillared Hall. They realized they needed something to trade to get their friend and the other slaves back from the Duergar that had purchased them.

On the way out of the Chamber of Eyes, the ladies find and care for the injured dire wolf. Emlyn names him Sirius and feeds him a Goblin. He likes it, and follows her back to town.

In town, Aderes charms the gate guard into letting Emlyn keep Sirius at Trask’s, while the rest of the party heads over to the Duergar trading post to barter for their friend. The duergar are uncooperative though, and a fight breaks out, ending in horrific deaths for most of the dark dwarves. Two were dragged into otherworldly torment by powers summoned from the Far Realm by Darkguard, while another was brutally rent asunder by the barbaric Dakkon. Terrified for her life, the Theurge in charge of the outpost surrendered.

After getting directions to the duergar castle called the Horned Hold, the party tied up the theurge and their remaining slaves and went back to the inn for some rest.

Back at the Halfmoon Inn they met Erethan of Therund and his fantastic (if dour) band of adventurers, just back from dealing with yet another cult of Orcus. Awendella and Emlyn were a little starstruck (“I have all his books!” squealed Emlyn), but Aderes was able to charm him into letting the party use two of his rooms (since he’d bought out the whole inn for the night).

The next morning, rested and refreshed, the party woke to an unpleasant surprise. Brugg, the hulking ogre enforcer waited for them downstairs. They were taken to Orontor, a Mage of Saruun, and given the task of discovering what the mysterious Paldemar has been up to. The other mages suspected him to be involved in shady business, and they wanted to know what exactly it might be.

Feeling very important, the party picked up their dire wolf, hired a guide (Terrlen Darkstalker) and set off into the labyrinth to find the Horned Hold. They would deal with that lousy mage later!



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